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Security & Compliance

Accurately identify, investigate, and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Optimize, Secure & Manage!!
When it comes to securing a cloud environment, you need a partner who raises the bar higher. Our security-first approach is why leading enterprises trust us to help them stay far ahead of the security curve by leveraging our cutting edge cloud security and compliance solutions.

Our cloud security and compliance services offer a comprehensive approach to data security in order to secure the enterprise and ensure that the technology moves reliably and efficiently at all times. We leverage the most effective methods accessible to enable data protection, data integrity, and regulatory compliance guidelines for PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and more.

Trantor continuously monitors your multi-cloud system, fixing security vulnerabilities, and automating security compliance checks in real-time.
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Proactively manage security and compliance risks with Trantor.
Moving to the cloud is all about protecting critical workloads while achieving and monitoring compliance with complicated regulatory specifications, processes, and guidelines. Our compliance and security services go beyond accreditations, attestations, and reports. We provide guidance and documentation, and legal commitments, in order to help clients comply with laws, policies, alignments, and structures.

Having a trustworthy team to help you manage the challenges of secure cloud computing is imperative. Partnering with Trantor equips you to safeguard the cloud with confidence. With our comprehensive suite of cloud security services, businesses can implement security into every facet of your environment, from strategy to execution.


Roadmap to Cloud

Roadmap to Cloud

Strengthen the foundation of your cloud security & compliance solution with effective lifecycle management.


Identify cloud assets in a dynamic environment


Use scan tools and deployment frameworks built for cloud providers.


Prioritize which exposures to fix first to optimize the security-compliance management cycle.


Prioritize vulnerability remediation based on risk using AI.


Measure and benchmark cloud vulnerabilities to make better decisions.

The Trantor Edge

An ideal cloud computing partner, Trantor has globally helped numerous brands to create efficient and industry- par cloud infrastructures.



Reduced Operational Risk

Our team of experts makes it easier to maintain control of information security, cost, governance, and compliance.

World-Class Team

As a leading AWS Consulting & Technology Partner, Trantor Inc. helps customers of allsizes design, architect, build, migrate, manage workloads, and apps on AWS.


We diligently work to reduce your TCO in development and test environments while cutting costs by a remarkable amount.

Individual Attention

Our team of certified AWS experts extend completely dedicated support and manage end-to-end service from cloud migration to infrastructure deployment.

Constant Support

At every step of the journey from traditional system to the cloud-based system our team supports, guides, and advises you.

Unparalleled Experience

Dedicated collective experience of delivering cloud-based enterprise solutions across a wide range of industries and niches gives us an upper hand from the rest.

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Key Numbers

Continuous technological adoptions & zeal to deliver the best is deeply rooted in the ethos of Trantor. You’re in good hands.


We take pride in developing diligent cloud solutions for various industry leaders across a plethora of niches. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of cloud professionals are competent to help customers of any size or design to design, build, migrate, manage workloads, and build applications on the cloud.

Durable & Scalable

Infrastructure Services

Cost Effective

Time Saving

Why Choose Cloud?

Our experience of delivering innumerable cloud solutions across various niches boosts our confidence to deliver endless more.

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Cloud Integration

Easy private, public & hybrid cloud services integration, enabling a multi-cloud strategy.

Controlled Migration

We offer a complete set of services for assessment, planning, and migration to AWS.

Cost Control

Unified billing to provide accountability and cost control for the hybrid infrastructure.

Cloud Alignment

Cloud alignment by identifying and mapping workloads to the best-suited cloud.

Rapid Deployment

Streamlined provisioning to increase productivity and reduce time to market.

Reliable Service

Clear and measurable reliability targets assured via Service Level Agreements.


Transparent policy enforcement to control resource location, data storage & transfer.

Consistent Security

Coherence between apps & execution of security policies across the hybrid infrastructure.

Enterprise Resilience

Achieve resilience at 99.99% SLA by using AWS Well-Architected framework.

Key Benefits of Security & Compliance

Proactively manage security and compliance risks with Trantor

Case Studies


An exceptional rate of successful deliveries is the testimony to the excellent development we provide. Give a read for some of our amazing success stories.


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    Connecting Partners’ Applications with Product Platform of a Leading Tech Company for Real-time, Secure Data Access

    Client is an American multinational technology conglomerate that develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products...

  • Meaningful Insights

    Leading plant cultivation company experiences 60% improved efficiency due to enhanced data visibility

    Trantor created a customized dashboard that would absorb, filter, segment and present different data interactions as meaningful insights, improving Client’s efficiency and productivity...

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