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Kibo Commerce

Empower Users, Increase Sales with Omnichannel Commerce

Leverage the power of Kibo commerce

Trantor offers its years of expertise in Kibo Commerce that enables you to meet customer demands anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We provide end-to-end services to make your Kibo store a success – right from platform integration and custom front-end features to third-party service integration and custom application development.

Being a robust, cloud-based commerce technology that empowers customers, boosts revenue, and transforms with the changing retail needs. Trantor with the powerful tools and services of Kibo helps you establish a connected experience with end-users with an omni-channel fulfillment and standardized universal inventory accessibility.
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Why Choose Kibo?

Stay ahead of your competition with Trantor’s Kibo eCommerce development services


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Omnichannel retail strategy
B2B and B2C commerce on one single platform
Dynamic merchandising and analytics
High affordability and speed to market
Flexible, SaaS-based model
Consistent experience across devices

Gen Z and Millennials Report 2020

Combined, Gen Z and millennials – (roughly those aged between four and 40) wield around $350bn (£264bn) of spending power in the US alone – around $150bn (£113bn) by Gen Z and around $200bn (£151bn) by millennials – research by McKinsey & Co shows.

But what do these digital natives want from the fashion industry? How do they like to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories? Which channels do they prefer: online, stores or both? And how important are issues such as sustainability, diversity and equality to their spending?

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