HTML5 App Development

Developing cross platform applications with HTML5

Businesses around the world face a common challenge while developing a mobile app-which is the best platform to create a mobile app?

There could be different answers to this question, however, the choice depends of a multitude of factors such as demographics of the target audience, key brand associations you want to create, budget, and integration with the enterprise systems already in place. If you don’t have an obvious winner in the preliminary analysis, then you may get confused about the right strategy for developing your app.

Many cross platform mobile development tools have come up to resolve this dilemma. PhoneGap, Titanium are a few leading frameworks that can be used to create innovative cross platform mobile apps. We at Trantor has expertise in the tools and our team ensures that your app runs flawlessly across multiple devices. We have the requisite skills and expertise to write code by taking advantage of HTML5 development tools and plug-ins to deploy your application across multiple platforms within timelines and budgets.

Key advantages of hiring Trantor for your next HTML 5 mobile application development:

  • Usage of CSS3 based and CSS style animation which reduces the size of the HTML5 application
  • Full access to rich audio and video media through its native code only Access towards UI components
  • Superior customization due to open source nature of the framework.
  • Wider target reach & significantly low cost of introducing new versions and updates.
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