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Enterprise Services

Unlock the potential of intelligent automation and analytics solutions with Trantor’s enterprise services

What We Do

Trantor focuses on driving unique enterprise services solutions embraced with emerging technologies like Automation, AI, Machine Learning, & Analytics

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We use our framework to understand where you are in the automation journey & then provide value-driven, tool & vendor-agnostic solutions that optimize your business potential
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Analytics will become the center of enterprise strategy, & investment. Our specialists help businesses to share data, automate complex processes, & turn data into results
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Machine Learning Ops
Using technologies like Google AutoML, Trantor experts help automate each step other than data collection and prediction to create a customized AutoML pipeline for any business user
Technology Stack

How We Engage

Driving transformative enterprise services & solutions through strategic thinking and technological innovation

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The Trantor Edge


Evolving automation solutions are our differentiators

We bring years of experience to conversational AI enterprise solutions across multiple industries including banking, insurance, travel, hi-tech and retail clients. The goal of our enterprise technology services is always to create a differentiated customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and optimize all potential outcomes.


Sparks Innovation

Monitor web and social media chatter to give you a clear picture of what’s to be done next.


Helps you take faster and accurate decisions by revealing market sentiments and positioning.

Improve Efficiency

Enhance the overall performance of your business by bringing in analytics & AI.

Competitor Analysis

Perform better than your competition by analyzing their working, market performance & altering yours accordingly.

Identify Frauds

Identify potentially fraudulent purchases, based on the analysis of customers’ previous transactions.

Handling Repetitive Jobs

Easily tame the machines to accurately perform repetitive jobs thus saving a lot of human hours.

24 x 7 Availability

Machines are available 24 x 7 for the service of any kind of human need

Minimize Risks

Offer valuable insights to help make the right decisions based on performance, user behavior & trends.


An exceptional rate of successful data & artificial intelligence solutions is a testimony to the excellent development we provide. Give a read to some of our amazing success stories

  • Case Study

    Monitoring and Reporting Bots for Services Company

    The client is one of the IT services company based in CA, USA. The client wanted to partner with a service provider to develop automated platform that could monitor and report employee's activities to ensure that people are working...

  • Case Study

    Content Migration using Bots

    Client is a leading publishing company based in Boston. USA. Client had a need to migrate content of its multiple websites from its legacy platform to the new version of AEM. The content was not easily movable as lift and shift...

  • Blog

    Pharmacovigilance the Significance of Automation in the Manufacturing of Safer Drugs

    Life science companies spend millions of dollars on R&D to develop a new drug and seek necessary regulatory approvals to introduce it in the market. Yet, they may need to withdraw it after the launch if it results in Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are risking patient safety and human lives.

  • Blog

    Top 3 Computer Vision Trends You Need to Know in 2019

    A future where you don’t have to feed in or tell computers anything for a range of simple tasks – domestic and industrial. Computers have a vision of their own and can automatically initiate the task you want them to do.

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