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Four Ways Businesses Develop More and Spend Less with CaptiveCoE™

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In today’s market, balancing development costs and aligning R&D goals with business objectives can be difficult. With so many frameworks and integrations to consider, building for tomorrow can be cumbersome for companies with backlogs that stretch for years.

It’s not easy finding efficiencies that allow you to scale your development and minimize speed to market while also adhering to R&D budgets. Given the tight labor market for software developers, time and money spent recruiting, hiring, and training can delay deadlines and result in missed revenue opportunities. At the same time, development issues can sidetrack your strategic goals.

While there are advantages to an in-house model, the dearth of good talent means companies struggle to find engineers with the skillsets they need to move ahead and, as a result, encounter common development issues.

Common Development Issues

R&D leaders are all-too-familiar with the difficulties in delivering quality development in timelines that match the business direction. Two common and costly issues companies face in development are technical mismatches and competing prioritization.

  • Technical Mismatches Many companies struggle to balance their business requirements with the skills of their development teams. Even with a consistent business model, various skills are needed as you build and scale different avenues of your product. As your strategy evolves, in-house developers may no longer have the technical skills required for your project. This can lead to costly delays to recruit and hire talent with the skills you need.
  • Competing Prioritization Prioritization of lower-value maintenance tasks rather than higher-value development comes at a high cost. In-house teams may also devote considerable time prioritizing technical debt and ongoing maintenance. This detracts from the development or enhancement of revenue-generating features that accelerate sales.

There is an efficient solution to these development issues. Trantor’s CaptiveCoE™ helps you accelerate development so you can focus on your strategic objectives.

Trantor’s CaptiveCoE™ Delivers More

Trantor’s Captive Center of Excellence (CoE) is a different type of hybrid model offering secure, scalable, and fast-to-market product development services. Trantor’s collaborative development approach partners long-term, committed employees and shorter-term, project-specific developers, so you can cost-effectively tap the skills you need while strategically focusing on business growth.

  • Technical Expertise Partnering with Trantor’s CaptiveCoE™ helps your company with expert technology solutions. If your in-house team is inexperienced, whether, in API development or a Kafka implementation, Trantor can call on a large pool of technical specialists with the experience and knowledge you need, saving you time and money. Trantor’s CaptiveCoE™ can address specific technical requirements cost-effectively and get you to market more quickly.
  • Scalability Compared to in-house development, outsourced development permits you to scale staffing up or down as per your technical requirements. Rather than hiring a large in-house team or spending time recruiting and staffing for specialized expertise, right-size your team with Trantor’s CaptiveCoE™. Our flexible staffing model allows us to balance teams to your requirements, offering you committed long-term engineers along with short-term specialists so that you can focus on your strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Focus You hired your engineers for their experience in your industry. Use them for what they’re best at—delivering those revenue-generating features and focusing on high-value tasks—while our committed Trantor teams handle technical debt, maintenance, and administrative tasks. We offer a global pool of engineers with a customized mix of skills and experience to fit your requirements.
  • Eliminate Turnover The market for developers is hot, forcing companies to spend significant resources recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. Trantor’s “3C” model, with employees strategically located in Chandigarh, California, and Costa Rica, maintains a 99% retention rate. This reduced turnover means our engineers are true partners that understand and remain committed to your vision and requirements.
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The strategic placement of its global offices reflects Trantor’s commitment to sustainability. Our engineers maintain a high quality of life and reasonable salaries, mutually benefiting the company and its clients.

Trantor’s Captive Center of Excellence gives you the resources you need to develop your product quickly and efficiently while adhering to the highest standards for code quality, design, and navigation of a product. For more information about our CaptiveCoE™ and how it can help accelerate your innovation, contact us!.