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Fintech Solutions

Accelerate growth with competitive Fintech Solutions. Innovate faster with Trantor. Our AI-powered solutions help financial institutions automate, accelerate growth, and deliver digital-first customer experiences. Leverage our cutting-edge financial technology solutions for your business.


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    Our Clients

    Elevating Partnerships with Industry Leaders

    Highlighting Our Collaborations with Industry Pioneers and More

    What We Do

    We provide fintech software development services to optimize financial practices to provide operational efficiency, data security, reduce processing time, & maximize ROI

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    Customer Acquisition Services

    Insight-based and outcome-driven customer acquisition solution that helps you revitalize your business. Our technology-driven and extensively experienced team assist you to identify, acquire, and engage users across various digital channels.

    Insight-based and outcome-driven customer acquisition solution that help you revitalize your business


    Loan & Risk Management Solutions

    Optimize strategies, work cohesively, and elevate operational efficiency with loan and risk management solutions from Trantor, like asset-liability management, credit risk, market risk, funds transfer pricing abilities, and interest rate risk.

    Optimize strategies, work cohesively, & elevate operational efficiency with loan and risk management solutions from Trantor


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    Customer Management and Analytics Solutions

    Maximize the effect of every marketing process to convert more end-users, enhance the spending of the present user base, and negate customer churn with efficient customer management and analytics services.

    Convert more users, enhance the spending of present users, & negate user churn with efficient customer management & analytics services


    Bank Security & Compliance Services

    Ensure clients’ trust and banking compliance while strengthening the stance for cyber-security. We work with a mission to empower your enterprise to stay competitive, agile, and resilient whilst ensuring compliance with security as well as regulatory compliance.

    We deliver banking software services to help you stay agile & resilient whilst ensuring security as well as regulatory compliance


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    Custom Development & Integration Services

    With extensively experienced fintech software solutions experts we develop custom financial solutions for your business and also seamlessly integrate them with your existing business processes. Our solutions are loaded with best-of-the-class technologies that are secure and user-friendly.

    We develop custom financial solutions for your business and also seamlessly integrate them with your existing business processes.


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    Featured Fintech Report

    Discover how a leading financial technology platform harnesses the power of AI and advanced data models to make rapid and equitable credit decisions for deserving US citizens in just four seconds. Dive into the comprehensive report for an in-depth look at this impressive feat.


    Reinvent the way businesses pay, buy, and invest with a robust and effective services stack

    Key Services

    Reinvent the way businesses pay, buy, and invest with a robust and effective services stack

    Payment Gateways
    Payment gateway solutions that are easy to integrate, secure to use, and give a seamless checkout experience.
    Mobile Banking
    Get the most secure, sustainable, and industry at par mobile banking solutions developed by the best.
    Easy Integration
    Get customized and risk-free financial technology applications integrated with your existing software
    Omnichannel Experience
    We deliver financial solutions that seamlessly work across all major global platforms.
    Analytics and Reporting
    Strategize new business processes with reliable and insightful analytics and reporting
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    Security and Compliance
    Thrive ahead with financial solutions follow the utmost levels of security and compliance
    Risk Management
    A robust solution to identify, assess, and control threats to your business’s earnings and capital.
    Billing Solution
    Effectively manage multi-revenue streams with error-free real-time billing software solutions.
    Fraud Detection
    Making fraud detection and prevention more effective and powerful with our financial software solutions
    Robotic Process Automation
    Emulate and integrate fintech RPA solutions that help reduce cost, and bring in operational efficiency.
    Fintech solutions you can bank upon

    Financial Solutions Development Process

    Digitize and automate your financial processes with an effective and time-tested process

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    Hire a dedicated software development team you can trust


    The Trantor Edge


    Financial services powered by best-of-the-class technology

    Our data-driven Banking & financial solutions offer in-depth Insights to Help You make better business-critical decisions


    De-risk & Deliver

    Fast risk decisioning models that help you deliver solutions quickly with an absolute peace of mind.


    Improved time-to-market, innovative strategies through digital channels, leading to better customer experience.

    Scale Cost-Effectively

    Want to scale? We help you scale up as much as you need, with substantial time and cost savings.

    Easy Integration

    We make technology-friendly fintech solutions that help your businesses work smoothly and faster.

    Simplified Processes

    Seamless integration between all your business-critical applications, with minimal impact on legacy systems.

    Remote Support

    We are available always for you for any kind of assistance or enhancement you want in your solutions.

    Data Analytics & Insights

    Translating customer insights and data analysis into concrete financial software solutions.

    Data, insights, and analytics work hand in hand to understand how the product or service is being used by businesses and end-user. Our financial services software empowers enterprises to make efficient decisions using cutting-edge data analytics and in-depth insights.

    Trantor has a command over data analytics and management solutions which provide a complete value chain in order to generate and deliver actionable business insights. We help your business to grow better and in the right direction with the right kind of data and insights.
    Data Services

    Globally Trusted Partner

    At Trantor, we recognize the immense value of collaborating with industry-leading platforms like Salesforce, SAP, UiPath, and LeanIX. Together with our esteemed partners, we’re able to provide clients with truly best-in-class solutions that leverage the strengths of our combined capabilities. Our partners are essential to enabling Trantor to deliver the tailored digital products that have earned us international acclaim. The magic is in the synergy. We’re proud of the agile team we bring to each partnership. But we’re more excited by what we can achieve collectively for clients when merging Trantor’s adaptability with our partners’ capabilities.


    Meet Your Business Challenges

    Powerful and next-gen fintech software solutions for a plethora of industry verticals

    • Decreased Level of Customer Trust

    • Customer Attrition

    • Unsatisfactory CX and Loyalty

    • Weak Cross-Selling

    • Disintegrated Communication with Customers

    • Fragmented View of Customers

    • Increased Competition From Fintechs and More

    • Decreased Level of Customer Trust

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    Innovating Fintech Solutions Across Sectors

    Be forward-thinking and future-ready with Trantor’s secured and scalable fintech solutions. Our team of Fintech and banking software development experts leverage the best power of financial technologies to help enterprises achieve a sustained advantage. We are an established fintech software development company with a varied portfolio of delivering user-friendly and fraud-resistant solutions to empower financial institutions, like banking, insurance, eCommerce, retailers, etc.


    Our Industries Expertise

    Be forward-thinking and future-ready with Trantor’s secured and scalable fintech solutions.

    • Payment Processors
    • Exchanges and brokerages
    • Wealth management institutions
    • Financial market data suppliers
    • Loan & Credit Service Providers
    • Mortgage banks
    • Fintech Providers
    • Insurance companies
    • Investment & commercial banks


    Financial software development is our forte, we have developed some acclaimed fintech solutions. Give a read to a few of our use cases


    • Case Study

      Leading Finance Company Experiences 10x Improvement in its CRM Performance

      The client is one of the largest, non-bank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States.

    • Case Study

      Leads from Multiple Partners Are Now Consolidated in One Platform for an Online Direct Loan Provider

      The client is an Atlanta-based online direct loan provider established in 2014. It offers fast personal loans at reasonable rates to consumers with fair credit.

    • Case Study

      6x Increase in Customer Engagement for an Independent Loan Management System Service Provider

      The client offers a Unified Credit Management Platform for efficient application, approval & underwriting to leading financial institutions.

    • Case Study

      Experiences 15% Reduction in Total Cost of Operations with One Innovation

      The client is one of the largest, non-bank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States.


    What are fintech solutions?

    Fintech is an emerging technology ecosystem intended to improve the processes, facilities, and resources of financial institutions. It is an incredible framework that uses advanced technology to boost economic practices, such as bitcoins, payment applications, automated banking tools, etc.
    Fintech technologies make financial services more publicly accessible and enable companies and consumers to use mobile apps and specialized software to efficiently monitor their financial operations. Fintech solutions are widely used to accelerate business growth among banks, insurance firms, investment companies, credit unions, and many more.

    What measures are taken to protect and store sensitive data?

    Most of your sensitive data and information are stored in an encoded form. All this is done using cloud infrastructure, which is very secure and breach-free.

    What is the approach to validate input data?

    To ensure that buffer overflows, SQL injections, etc are secured from malicious codes and even virus attacks, Spring Security is used to verify input data and processing of new in general.

    Will your developers work in my time zone?

    Being a global company our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally.

    What are the benefits of fintech software?

    Apart from digitalizing your traditional financial system, there are a lot more benefits a fintech software brings along like
    More Personalized Experience
    Improved Security
    Faster Rate of Approval
    Cost Reduction
    Greater Convenience

    Is it safe to put my financial data in the cloud?

    Yes. We use robust cloud-based services that invest a great deal in making their software secure and ensure the user data is safe. We use data encryption (SSL certification) while developing software.

    How much does it cost to build finance and banking applications?

    The cost of making a Fintech Mobile solution varies on the basis of several factors like the platform chosen, functionalities in the apps, the bandwidth of experts, etc. Inclusions of features like payment solutions, third-party payment gateways, customer interactions, data storage, etc. may also add to the overall cost of the financial solution.

    How much time will it take you to develop my Fintech Software?

    The timeframe to create a financial mobile solution is not certain. From what features it will have to external integrations it has, making a fintech app is a custom process, it changes for every app.
    Just connect with us with your app idea and we will send you a ballpark quote to make things clear.

    How can Trantor's fintech solutions for banks benefit my institution?

    Our fintech solutions for banks can help your institution:
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction
    • Reduce costs and increase profitability
    • Mitigate risks with advanced security features
    • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

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