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Leading Finance Company Experiences 15% Reduction in Total Cost of Operations with One Innovation

The client is one of the largest, non-bank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States.

The client is one of the largest, a non-bank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States.

The client’s CRM system had a database of over 4 million records and supported more than 100 concurrent users. The CRM system was using a conventional tool for data updates. The client wanted to automate the data input process, while at the same time avoid the cost of generic package customizations and keep up with the business changes after going live.


Bring in best breed CRM practices to be able to process 4 million records, and support 100 concurrent users.

Project Goals

  • Customize existing legacy CRM to automate data import
  • Put robust fraud detection feature in place

Business Matters

The client was able to meet SLAs, maintain up data hygiene, and improve operational efficiency. This brought about a 15% reduction in the cost of operations.

The Problem

The Client was looking to automate the data input process, support integration, and achieve higher efficiency for their currently unsalable CRM system.

  • CRM was unable to deliver any real results
  • Data import had become extremely time-intensive, leading to performance issues
  • Service-level objectives could no longer be met reliably, reducing productivity

The Trantor Approach

Having worked on various technology upgrades for the client, Trantor understood their business scenario and processes really well. Trantor began with putting a meticulous action plan, followed by identifying appropriate resources and putting a coordinated timeline in place.


Using out of the box APIs, the Trantor team built:

  • Robust data update utility feature within the CRM, making batch data import into the CRM possible. Now the client could run 3.5+ million records seamlessly, and in a fraction of the time taken earlier.
  • Fraud detection feature to run within the CRM, simplifying operations significantly.
  • Mobile site for the CRM, making it easier for sales representatives on the move to input data

The Benefits

  • 10x improvement in data import
  • Up to 60% acceleration in user response times
  • 30% improvement in lead management process

Next Steps

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The Client

  • The ease and simplicity of the program and the way that the Trantor Team has continued to develop solutions around and integrated with our CRM is simply amazing.
    Manager . Technology & IT
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