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Reduce Operational Costs, Increase Data Synchronization Frequency, and Achieve Bi-directional Sync between Salesforce and Amazon RDS using Amazon AppFlow

Many software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications boast of microservices as a means to divide a rigid architecture into a much easily manageable solution. Sometimes these microservices have their databases. To maintain data consistency across the system, you need to implement a data synchronization system between source and target data persistence layers.

Trantor has collaborated with Amazon AppFlow to develop a solution that lets you synchronize data securely between Salesforce and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL in real-time. For a Fintech client offering loans, Trantor’s solution leverages Salesforce and the unique backend PostgreSQL database to track status, updates, and lender details in real-time before a decision is made.

The data synchronization system includes bi-directional and uni-directional syncing of data across multiple Salesforce and PostgreSQL tables. The previous solution was based on a third-party data synchronization tool with limitations impacting cost and functionality, leading to creating this data synchronization system using AWS services.

Read the entire blog here to know about the solution using Amazon AppFlow for data synchronization between Salesforce and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

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