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Leveraging Product Analytics to Drive Growth & Digital Transformation

In today’s Era, companies that are indifferent to adoption are at high risk for customer abandonment. Making sure that our customers are engaging with our product and recognizing its value is crucial, for success. Educating users about the product will let them discover its value faster.

With the help of Digital Adoption Platforms like Pendo, product teams can easily understand user journeys and guide them through the rich features of their product. Empowered with Pendo’s Analytics data your businesses can understand product usability, gather feedback, assess NPS, onboard customers on the go, and introduce user guides.

Innovate Faster With Pendo Pendo is by far the most comprehensive and integrated platform for product teams, blending analytics, customer feedbacks, interactions, reviews, and planning tools.
  • One Integrated Platform A holistic view of the user with quantitative and qualitative data. It guides the users throughout their journey.
  • All-In-One Across Your Portfolio Understand user behavior across & between all products to inform product investments. Provide a more consistent experience across your portfolio.
  • Easy Integrations Pendo pairs efficiently with your selective tech stack. Pendo combines with all major third-party products and integrates seamlessly.
  • Customer Retention Pendo increases user-health & satisfaction thereby enhancing loyalty and reduces costs with automated feedback collection capabilities.
  • User Onboarding With a focus on user engagement, readiness & case-specific onboarding, Pendo is easy to implement and set up without any engineer required.
  • Feature Adoption More personalized feature adoption with in-app training, enhance the working of the product within the workflow and add more help for the same.
  • Retroactive Analytics Track Known & Unknown users’ engagement with the product(by integrating tools like Google Analytics). Immediately track all in-app activity without developer instrumentation. A code-free installation so that all teams can benefit.
  • User Retention With Continuous Feedback/Polls The feedback feature of Pendo is indeed a two-way communication channel. It enables businesses to capture user reviews regarding their experiences and keep them informed about the progress of their requests and feedback.

Our Expertise

Trantor has pondered over Pendo for quite a while now, it has opened up doors to better data, in-depth feedback, easy onboarding of end-users, and helped us deliver experiences that our customers are looking for.

  • Our first pitch at using Pendo in-app guides is to boost customer engagement coincided with the launch of our New Service offering. We wanted to ensure users were aware of all our latest offerings, and that their every use was a seamless, enjoyable experience.
  • Following this, we set out to apply the same techniques to improve the overall onboarding process. Using Pendo’s usage analytics, we identified pain points in the user journey, then we worked to deploy guides to deliver resources that would help them to be successful.
  • We next formulated Pendo guides to target return users to instantly share their information with our support team which not only helped us to know our customers better but also routes us to convert leads to loyal customers.

User Analytics Integrated into the Product

User guides help to improve the process of collecting user feedback. In-app surveys help present users with an opportunity to share their views on various features of the products they use, at the same time providing an additional touchpoint for promoting features or content.

A similar poll designed to gather feedback from users about their overall experience and their area of interest leads to a great idea about the most rated portion of our website and where we need to focus on. Overall experience rating also gives an insight into how well we have assisted our customers and what are the future agendas to focus on. This process has become standard practice and the insights drawn from it are used not only to improve the product but to make decisions on sales and marketing strategies.

Lastly, we focus on custom messaging that acts as a reminder to the user to fill the form which has been left abandoned, this lead to a 20% rise in form submission which directly improves our lead generation. A huge difference in engagement can be seen properly in the product through Pendo in comparison to traditional methods like email, campaigns, etc.

More end-users, seamless product working, time-to-time feedback, more revenue-generation, low customer drop-rate; sounds interesting these are few aspects of what Pendo as a tool can do for your product.

So, drive digital adoption and unlock the power of your product with Pendo. Guide your customers' in-app journey with an experience that highlights the full scale of your product. Connect with Trantor’s Pendo specialist NOW.

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