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Trantor Enables Multinational Media Conglomerate in migration of Content from Classic AEM platform to Touch UI AEM Platform

The client is one of the largest, non-bank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States.


The Fortune 500 client is a world leader in providing integrated and intelligent information for businesses and professionals, thus helping them make confident decisions. They operate in complex arenas that move society forward- law, tax, compliance, government, and media. They also provide regulatory and operational risk management solutions.

The Challenges

The client wanted to migrate 17 sites that were hosted on an older platform (AEM classic interface) to a newer platform (modern Touch UI) with newer client-specific components. These sites consisted of approximately 3k pages. The client was on a rigid timeline as the support provided by Adobe was coming to an end for Classic UI.

They intended to use their technology partner to work along with client marketing stakeholders to execute the content migration project to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness and create reusable, scalable functionality for the upcoming larger migration projects in near future.


  • Trantor’s AEM team first analyzed and then mapped the components from the classic version to the newer touch UI version which was to be used in the new migrated pages.
  • New Authoring guidelines for the newly migrated pages were proposed to the client.
  • With a highly-skilled team of 5 authors and 2 QA testers, manual migration of content to the new AEM 6.4 platform was executed successfully.
  • Trantor’s team was well coordinated and synchronized with the client’s WebOps team to identify and resolve any blockers.
  • The team used the bulk importer tool in AEM to help extract bulk Metadata of the migrated. This activity was very beneficial and time saving to the client’s analytics team.
  • An extensive QA Validation was conducted which focussed on Functionality, Compatibility and Usability.


  • Cost savings: Sunset sites on the older legacy platform and reduced operational cost by using same components across all sites – taking advantage of shared enterprise functionality and faster go-to-market.
  • Improved site health: Fixed broken links and eliminated underperforming/outdated content by 80% on average.
  • Improved efficiency: Using the bulk importer, query debugger tools in AEM have efficiently traversed through large contents for heavy reports on the content data.

Next Steps

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The Client

  • Trantor is an excellent business partner and I am very grateful that we worked with such a dedicated, enthusiastic, and flexible team who is always willing to go the extra mile. Trantor provided excellent value to this project - above and beyond. The team is very proactive and looking ahead if any issues could arise, and if so, to address them early.
    Product Owner
  • The Trantor team added value every day on this complex project. The leads are rock solid, talented and dedicated. Each of the 17 sites presented a new issue/challenge to be solved in real time. The roadmap/schedule did not allow for extra time and this team never missed a learning opportunity to carry that knowledge forward and apply in the next setting. Their efficiency was constantly improving and they stayed ahead of schedule.
    Product Manager