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Enabling Customer Engagement “Migration from the Hosted Data Center to AWS”

A case study to enhance user engagement by helping the client migrate from a hosted data center to AWS.

It is the industry’s leading platform, delivering support services to B2B Sales & Marketing Organizations. Combining technology with expert research, It can deliver customized services to its clients; Resulting in a substantial reduction of time and costs for them.

Business Problem

It needed to migrate from a managed service EngineYard to another service provider.

Client Expectation

  • Lower the Cost

  • Enable more control over the Infrastructure

  • To scale-up, the in-house News Aggregator written in Ruby


Our Strategy

  • Migration of integrated applications from EngineYard to Amazon Web Services.

  • Implementation of systems that are highly reliable, scalable, and self-healing on AWS.

  • Use of EC2 instances to run MongoDB clusters for building compute-intensive rating and prioritization of sales leads based on news, connections, tags, and customer-focused requirements.

  • Development and hosting of a new distributed SAAS application called Big Data Grinder, which was based on Apache Hadoop and acted as a scalable and fault-tolerant News and Social Feed aggregator service for the Client.



  • 45% reduction in operational costs
  • 75% improved response and resolution time

Next Steps

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The Client

  • With Trantor migrating AWS for us. We are having more efficient processes, and we are able to focus on delivering excellent service to our clients.
    Director . IT Continuum

Project Highlights

AWS Services Used:

  • RDS

  • EC2

  • ELB

  • Cloud Watch

  • Cloud trail

Industry: B2B Sales & Marketing, Technology


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