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Trantor Supports a Fintech Lender to Scale and Sustain Long-Term Growth

Read the case study to know how Trantor helped a Fintech Lender to Scale and Sustain Long-Term Growth, paving the way for successful service of $3 billion in loans since 2015.


Trantor is a global leader in creating enterprise technology solutions for organizations across a range of industries. Trantor’s Captive Centers of Excellence (CaptiveCoE ) model delivers engineering-driven, innovative, scalable, and personalized development solutions that support disruptive technology companies through all their stages of growth. Integrating technological expertise, decades of experience, and business acumen Trantor helps companies develop solutions that are secure, stable, and fast to market.

When a fintech lending organization based in Georgia sought to set up a dedicated development center for their lending platform, they partnered with Trantor to support their technology and business strategy. Fast forward seven years to today, Trantor’s CaptiveCoE has helped them become one of the fastest-growing fintech in the lending space.


Trantor led product co-development on the core loan origination system and established data governance solutions. They also assisted the organization with obtaining security compliance and certifications.

By 2021, Trantor’s globally distributed engineering expertise on the initial loan management system expanded to multiple client-owned products. Trantor assisted the client by providing a big data solution to process large amounts of data from
different data sources and support numerous data consumers. With growth also came the need for more customized solutions, so Trantor enabled the replacement of a customized off-the-shelf solution with a homegrown, custom-built solution for loan origination in record time.

Situating for Long-Term Growth

Through Trantor’s experience, flexibility, expertise, and support, the company could scale at speed. To date, the company has successfully serviced over $3 billion in loans since 2015.

The client benefited from a solid technical foundation with the help of Trantor’s stable, talented team spread across three geographic areas, including the US, India, and Costa Rica. The team’s global distribution gave the company a hand-picked pool of experienced specialists to work seamlessly around the clock. Having built a culture of rapid product development, Trantor continues to support the organization’s aggressive timelines. Trantor’s leads have coached the organization’s teams for an agile transformation, and the teams can respond on short notice to support business growth.

Since 2016, Trantor has helped the client develop over ten platforms and products with more than 150 releases. Today, they continue to scale the platform both in features as well as the volume of transactions. Trantor’s certified specialists help manage ongoing technical infrastructure and product development.

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