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Increased Customer Retention Rate from 85% to 92% for Global Cyber-Security Company

Trantor successfully assisted a Global Cyber-Security client in increasing customer retention from 85% to 92%.


The client is a global cybersecurity leader influencing the cloud-centric future by using technology that revolutionizes how individuals and businesses function. With constant innovation in the business, the client needed help to increase the value and ROI customers realized from their product.

The Challenges

Complementing its high standards for customer service, the client sought to expand its support personnel efficiently. Companies were driven to transfer to the cloud at a record-breaking pace—along with their company data—by the global shift toward a remote workforce.

They achieved unprecedented growth throughout the year, tripling their revenue and clientele. With growth came the need to scale without compromising on customer experience. That meant managing thousands more client interactions each month and the need to expand their team to keep up. Direct scale with speed would lead to struggles to keep up the customer retention & feature usage rate. Maintaining high-velocity, the low-friction customer experience was a priority.

The Solution

Trantor helped the client to deliver maximum value for the end-users. Trantor helped design a next-gen strategy and processes to enhance the customer service performance and user satisfaction ratio.

The solution was driven by real-time customer analytics, allowing teams to be more proactive and provide better service when and where customers needed it most. Trantor helped the client to improve the overall customer retention to 92% by making the processes more defined and structured. With its core competencies of customer success management and analysis, Trantor implemented more relevant features and functionalities, thereby making the feature usage rate go high.

The Result

With immense knowledge on both ends of the client and customer success management, Trantor implemented significant changes for the client. The customer retention rate went up by 10 points to 92% in less than a quarter.


  • Increase the customer retention rate from 85% to 92%
  • Higher Feature Usage Rate – Implement more relevant features and functionalities – >20%
  • Product Usage Stickiness – Higher DAU and MAU Ratio

Next Steps

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The Client

  • "Trantor not only helped us enhance our customer retention rate but also gave us the best advice whenever needed. Their efficiency and reliability make us come back to them repeatedly."
    - VP-Tech & Marketing