Digital Twin, zCase Study

Trantor Delivers a Digital Twin – Signavio Based Enhanced BPM For Digital Transformation

Our Digital Twin solution leverages technologies including automation and AI to establish a cycle of mining, modeling, and simulation, to deliver continuous innovation for the client’s business.


The client is a multinational technology company that specializes in cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions empowering businesses across the globe to deliver innovative digital experiences that define the future of the organizations and enhance customer experience.

Business Needs & Goals

The client’s business model required:


  • Online Instructor-Led Sessions to train staff
  • Delivery of 10-15 processes to be migrated from Nimbus to Signavio
  • 1-2 Processes to be mined
  • Document process migration methodology
  • 3 weeks of implementation support
  • Create a structure for process migration
  • To streamline and add value to the business processes of the organization
  • Automate the processes to enhance the business profits
  • To lessen the time taken for the complete process cycle


The goal for all the business needs points towards one particular requirement – that of a digital twin of the organization. The idea is to create a model that doesn’t follow the traditional “go-and-see” approach. Instead, the digital twin works using the data traces available for all processes and traces. A digital twin of an organization (DTO) is simply a virtual model of a physical process, product, or service, which includes data about:


  • Business goals
  • Business models
  • Business processes
  • Previous performance
  • Performance KPIs, and more.


Modeling the company’s processes with Digital Twins allowed us to dive deeper into optimizing the various business processes. Our Digital Twin solution leverages state-of the-art technologies including automation and AI to establish a cycle of mining, modeling, and simulation, to deliver continuous innovation for the client’s business. We do all of this in a completely secure and digitally-isolated environment, and real-time scenarios, and take care of the following:


  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the organization.
  • Provide data and insights to enable data-backed decision-making.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for end-to-end improvements or process transformation.
  • Gauge the effects of potential changes, using simulations, before they are brought live.
  • Develop alternative flows to understand what delivers optimum value.
  • Improve the business’ ROI.

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In collaboration with Signavio, Trantor has effectively allowed enterprises across various domains to use BPM. With 180+ processes (785 sub-processes) with no extra expense and 0% errors, we provided significant value. This led to us bagging a one-year contract for Process Mining, Consulting, Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, and Enterprise Architecture after outperforming in the PoC. Through this contract, we will help the company’s Enterprise Architect team construct Signavio and other product connectors. Trantor will provide modern technologies like Appgyver, Process Discovery, Project Cortex, and AI Builder to the Digital Automation CoE.

Our Approach:

  • The DTO allowed the business to deploy critical business processes in a matter of minutes.
  • Minimized human error by enhancing continuity and other business processes, using DTO.
  • 35+ resources trained including Business Owners, Process Owners, and SMEs.
  • 10+ Instructor-led sessions delivered
  • 180+ process delivered
  • 155 Nimbus • Responsible for the overall development lifecycle of the solution and managing complex projects with significant bottom-line impact
  • Work with clients and stakeholders in developing a strategy and roadmap to provide technology solutions that help them succeed in their business goals
  • Work closely with senior engineers to develop the best technical design and approach for new software systems and products
  • Instill best practices for software development and documentation, assure designs meet requirements, and deliver high-quality work on tight schedules with various teams at Trantor
  • Project management – prioritization, planning of projects and features, Stakeholder management, and tracking of external commitments
  • Translate business requirements into technical solutions, recommend alternative technical and business approaches, and lead engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions
  • Operational Excellence – monitoring & operation of production services
  • Career management and mentoring engineers and managers to Signavio
  • 27 during discovery workshops
  • 785 sub-processes delivered
  • CCaas Process Mining: Combination of more than 2 processes mined
  • Process migration documentation + Best practices document
  • 3 months of implementation support provided
  • Built Enterprise Framework + Process Classification Definitions

Value Delivered:Beyond the scope

  • PDD of multiple processes generated via Signavio for Automation
  • Ongoing workflow execution support
  • 10+ demos provided
  • 10+ processes executed
  • Tool administration, License management, and Key User Support.
  • Custom reports development for user management
  • Process approval workflow demo & implementation
  • Built client s Signavio home page with multiple custom attributes
  • APQC Framework implementation (ongoing)
  • Demo for business process classification provided
  • Demo for APQC framework provided.
  • Low-Code Human-in-the Loop portal delivered; shows user experience for employee onboarding.


  • PDD Generation function built-in Signavio reduced effort by 200 minutes per PDD
  • LeanIX & Signavio integration PoC delivered.
  • Roadmap built for Enterprise Architecture.
  • Trained business users on Process Intelligence to Run in-depth process analysis for actionable improvement.

Next Steps

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