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Trantor Enhances Availability of APIs For A Pre IPO “FinTech Lending Platform”

See how Trantor integrated APIs for a leading FinTech Lending Platform to increase the API transaction success using various monitoring tools.


It is leading uTrade publisher and a division of the third largest trade and educational book publisher in the world. A global publishing company based in France, It is a subsidiary of the French media company, Lagardére.

The Challenges

Being a reputed Fintech firm with a vast clientage, the company was facing an issue with their present API system and its availability. Due to the increasing web traffic and substantial financial transactional traffic, the Fintech services provider was looking for a way to increase their APIs and negate the failure rate of API transactions.

Business Requirements

  • A considerable part of financial transactions happens via API.
  • Availability of APIs is a concern.
  • Failure rate of API Transactions was much more than acceptable.


  • Monitor APIs using our award-winning AIML Monitoring Tool
  • Monitor API availability
  • Monitor API transaction success using Synthetic monitoring

Trantor Approach

Being a partner with the client on several other projects, Trantor knew the inside-out of the working of the company and the issues they were facing. Trantor put forth a detailed plan to intensify the API available for the client and use various monitoring tools to increase the API transaction success.


  • 99.9% uptime of API with assured Availability around the clock.
  • Reduction by more than 15% in business-impacting incidents.

Next Steps

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The Client

  • With an efficient team and a seamless work process, Trantor not only helped us increase our financial transaction rate by lowering the failure rate but also helped us grow the overall business. Great work, guys.
    Product Owner