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Startup based in US brings Internet-connect solar energy to areas without access to a power grid starting with rural India

The client is a global provider of internet-based utility services, serving over a billion people through their hardware enabled platform-as-a-service.

The client is a global provider of internet-based utility services, serving over a billion people through its hardware-enabled platform-as-a-service

Business Need Addressed

The Connected Solar System is the practical & visionary means to benefit millions of households. It has the potential to transform the multi-billion-dollar energy market by opening up vast new opportunities for the client’s end-users and partners alike.

Trantor Solution

Trantor quickly scaled up a 25-member product development team for the client, which is providing end-to-end services to the client ranging from product management, UX and UI design, software development, testing, and sustenance engineering.

Project Goals

  • Establish product development team including UX, Software development, and Testing
  • Support the client through different milestones like investor demos, prototype 
development, and field tests
  • Establish pragmatic project management and software engineering practices for longterm 
sustained software delivery

The Problem

The client was facing opportunity costs from delays and needed to scale a software engineering team quickly.

  • Software development needs were complex because the client’s
  • custom IoT hardware was being developed in parallel and required low-level code to support the software goals
  • Product development teams perform best when co-located. Having an end-to-end solution built by a co-located team was essential for the success of the product.

The Trantor Approach

The Trantor team supported the project by delivering the following software solutions:

  • Kernel-level code to support the custom IoT platform based on Android AOSP
  • Applications that run on the custom flavor of Android and support the low-level functions
  • Scalable Microservices layer was built on Azure to support CHS and ingest telemetry data
  • Mobile Apps to back the on-ground sale and support operations

The Solution

Using out of the box APIs, the Trantor team built:

  • Robust data update utility feature within the CRM, making batch data import into the CRM possible. Now the client could run 3.5+ million records seamlessly, and in a fraction of the time taken earlier
  • Fraud detection feature to run within the CRM, simplifying operations significantly. 
 Mobile site for the CRM, making it easier for sales representatives on the move to input data

The Benefits

  • Enabled client to provide electricity & Internet to far-flung areas
  • On-time delivery of the solution to help the business accrue profits

Next Steps

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Project Highlights

Technologies Used

  • Kotlin
  • C
  • Ionic 3 & Angular 4
  • NodeJS
  • CosmosDB (MongoDB API)
  • Terraform
  • MS Azure

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