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Integrated core CRM platform with partner, legacy and third party systems to enable faster and automated processing of online loan applications

The client is an Atlanta-based online direct loan provider established in 2014. It offers fast personal loans at reasonable rates to consumers with fair credit.

The client is an Atlanta-based online direct loan provider established in 2014. It offers fast personal loans at reasonable rates to consumers with fair credit.

Business Problem

Client needed a solution to manage loan applications sourced from multiple partners and direct customers, through web and mobile portals. The lack of communication & information sharing between different teams created

  • Inefficient processes
  • Missed opportunities

  • Frustrating customer experience
  • Scattered Information

  • Difficulty in data updates
  • Erroneous stats on time management

Business Needs

The Client was looking for an integration solution to manage the sales leads it got from Channel Partners, Sales team, and online marketing channels. The client further wanted to make this data available in its Salesforce CRM and its data platform, which was accessed by key stakeholders, using multiple protocols.

Trantor Solution

Trantor designed and built a MuleSoft application, which integrated multiple lead management systems into uniform data source. Further, deduped data was made available in Salesforce and a dynamic application.

The Problem

The client used to get leads from various sources including spread out sales teams channel partners, and Web portal. All this data was uploaded on to a platform from where it was consumed by multiple stakeholders using different protocols. Data was also fed into SalesForce CRM. Client wanted to:

  • Get rid of point to point communication between different system without losing on the data.
  • Since a number of partners were consuming data from the platform using multiple protocols, requirement was to invoke flows on demand.
  • Process high volume of data without technical glitches like OOM errors
  • The data needed to be sanitized before pushing it into Salesforce CRM

The Trantor Approach

After understanding the client’s key challenges, Trantor chose to use the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform for an Enterprise integration solution. The existing complex heterogeneous environment demanded flexibility and scalability. Additionally, it’s seamless integration with Salesforce made the choice obvious.

The Solution

Trantor designed and built a MuleSoft Solution to connect heterogeneous systems. With varying input/output needs. Highlights of the solution include:

  • With API driven connectivity, legacy services were identified and converted to APIs in significantly lesser time
  • Different layers and usability for Core, Process, and Experience APIs were built.
  • MuleSoft ESB was used to get rid of point to point communication seamlessly without impacting the source/destination system
  • Mule Runtime that includes Mule Gateway was responsible for authentication and authorization, along with throttling of requests to adjust to different loads, Gateway was also utilized as a proxy to segregate internal & external APIs
  • MuleSoft Salesforce Connector was used to get and push data to SalesForce for its presentation in CRM
  • Attained complex source/destination transformation using DataWeave
  • Different Exception strategies employed help detect and fix various errors as they occurred
  • Batch processing of data using Mule Batch to circumvent Out of Memory Issues
  • Took advantage of OnPrem, Cloud & Hybrid deployment strategies

The Benefits

  • Single source of truth for all leads
  • Insight-driven decision-making
  • Secured access of data to partner applications
  • 10+ complex integrations completed in 6 months
  • 40% reduction in IT overhead
  • 2x Improved in data quality
  • Unified Customer and Lead View

Next Steps

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The Client

  • We never thought that we could get rid of a complex integration structure and get a unified view of our customer data, so seamlessly. Trantor’s deep expertise in this area is truly commendable.
    Director . IT

Project Highlights


  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • SFDC
  • JAVA

Team size: 5

Duration: 6 months

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