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Product Development CaptiveCoE™ Setup for a Leading Global Publishing House

Trantor helped a leading American publisher to set up a CaptiveCoE™ in order to have a smooth global delivery model with updated technology & thorough processes.


The client is a leading US trade publisher and division of the world’s third-largest trade and educational book publisher. The client had an offshore partnership with their vendors; however, the client’s technology leadership was not happy due to the high turnover and handholding required by the US team. The client needed an offshore software consulting company with expertise in setting up dedicated technology and project management teams to scale capacity and establish processes for the successful global delivery model. The outsourcing partner was required to invest in customer success by ensuring zero to minimal attrition impact on the client’s business.

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Key Challenges

  • Aggressive and agile customer business needs.
  • Coach & perform agile transformation across product teams.
  • Research & development related to tech stacks.
  • Scaling fast at short notice to support customer business growth.
  • Work culture shift: build high-performing teams across CoEs.

Deliveries Made (Since 2017)

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Quality Snapshots/ Metrics

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Trantor setup the CoEs to help scale up the following teams to support their technology and business roadmap.


Engineering & Product support – Trantor built applications for client’s internal and external users, i.e., systems to automate Order Management, User Portals, Allocation & Reservation Systems, Budgeting Applications, and Maintenance systems.


Data Group – Support Data Group (BAU) with the day-to-day operations, production support, and new development as planned. The group’s mission was to provide data efficiently with excellent quality for business intelligence, analytics, and reporting and to make data translation and delivery between internal and external systems efficient and bulletproof.


Operations support teams – Operations L1 Support CaptiveCoE™ to streamline & execute client’s Level 1 IT Operations effectively and continuously improve through automation supported by DBA, DevOps, and IT Infra teams


Java, Spring Boot, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Oracle RDBMS, Liferay, Spring, Hibernate, SQL Azure DB

CSAT Score

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Next Steps

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The Client

  • “Please extend my kudos to everyone out there. They have helped our engineering team achieve, which previously could not have accomplished without these members.”
    - Director of Engineering