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Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure for High Performance

Efficiency in the cloud is key to a reliable and scalable cloud presence. Your business needs every edge to be successful. With a predictive, proactive, and 24×7 cloud operations team, your business infrastructure and applications are ready for Anything!
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Trantor’s Remote Infrastructure Management

The “five 9’s, aka 99.999%”. That’s what we aim for on a not-so-good day. Imagine what we can do on a good day. Trantor ITOM and ITSM services ensure high performance and availability from your cloud infrastructure.

24x7 Operations

AIOps tech

Eliminate swivel-chair monitoring

Architecture review

On-demand to improve service levels


Specific skillsets on-demand

Certified Techies

Across the conceivable technology board

Keep The Noise Down

up to 95%. And focus on what matters.

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See how a leading Fintech lending platform leveraged Trantor for a well-planned Cloud Infrastructure Management strategy to optimize technology spending.

Affordable, Easy, and Optimized.
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Support & Services Customers




Certified Cloud Experts- AWS/GCP/Azure


Global Locations

Monitoring with AWS DevOps Guru

ML-powered service for developers and operators to detect issues, improve application availability and increase reliability automatically.

Why DevOps Guru?

  • Auto-detect Operational Issues : Continuously analyzes disparate data streams and metrics to determine application behavior.

  • Quick Resolution : Ability to present and apply resolution quickly with ML-powered insights and recommendations.

  • Fast and Easy Scalability : Inbuilt ability to maintain and effortlessly scale when new AWS workloads are added.

  • Easy-to-use : No configuration or ML experience is required.

  • Reduce Noise : Overcome alarm fatigue with automatic correlation and grouping of related anomalies.

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Optimization and Greater Visibility with CloudCheckr

Bring intelligent insight and visibility to help lower costs, optimize resources, and maintain security and compliance. Manage single or multi-cloud infrastructure with CloudCheckr.

Optimize your Cloud Spend - 30% or more

Identify spending trends and forgotten instances and get actionable recommendations — across the enterprise, teams, projects, services, and more.

  • Easily see and track what’s driving your cloud spend

  • Enable intelligent decisions on spending - better volume-based purchasing decisions and eliminate waste.

  • Gain visibility and insights into the Cloud infrastructure spend.

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24/7 Connected Workplace with 40% savings

Infrastructure management – monitoring, administration, operation, rightsizing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure from Global Delivery Centers operating 24/7.

Cutting-edge Technology Stack


Faster Incident Identification and Resolution


Automating Alerts with AI/ML


Lower and Predictable Operational Costs


Frictionless Onboarding


Process Improvement Through Automation


Build Strong Knowledgebase


Optimum Resource Utilization


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