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Come Back Home

Trantor Software plans on adding to the workforce from Home, a chance for natives to return home

Trantor, a pioneer in creating enterprise technology solutions and state-of-the-art Captive Centers of Excellence is planning on giving all the native shenanigans working throughout the country an opportunity to get back to Home and work from here under the “#Come Back Home” campaign.

Experienced Professionals can join Trantor with 2-20 Years of Experience in key technologies including Java, .Net, Salesforce, Analytics, Cloud Computing, PLM, Automation testing, End-User computing, Data Centre operations, leadership roles like project management, and program managers.
Trantor’s campus in Chandigarh has been operational since 2012 with nearly 800+ employees. The center is in sync with Trantor’s philosophy to create and operate a state-of-the-art captive center of excellence; recruit, train and employ local talent and create sustainable ecosystems for them.

Since the pandemic, companies nationwide are hiring aptitudes to work remotely throughout the country, thus giving people a chance to work even from the most minuscule towns in India, which earlier was not possible. This has democratized the whole employment proposition". Many of these aptitude hunts are for jobs in the technology, software, and computer engineering fields, where skills can be tested online and remotely. During these pandemic times, one would be able to take care of their family, which would reduce stress and increase productivity. In short, there would be a situation where, parents who are in Chandigarh, and you need to spend time looking after them yet from your home city or Tricity, we at Trantor can support this initiative. The very feeling of being there for the folks is gratifying and fulfilling. Thus, an action to show, Trantor Cares.

Wherever you are currently based in any part of the world, and if you yearn to come back home, or come back to a cleaner environment, which is known to be the education hub especially for your kids( if you have any ), and high connectivity to the three states itself- you are welcome to join us.
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With existing WFH enablement, if in near future, we work from the office you are either home or in a safer environment for yourself. Chandigarh is termed as a city beautiful because of its planning and cleanliness. A lot of facilities are provided concerning education and health, which is another perk of being in Chandigarh. Apply now

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