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Adobe Target

Deliver the right experience to the right customer

Adobe Target

Personalize your user experience to maximize profitability on all your digital platforms like websites, apps, social media channels, and loads more. Identity, and deliver the most powerful content with this personalization solution with Adobe Target. Leverage Trantor’s experience and certified professional who enables you to create a tailored user experience. Being a globally renowned Adobe Target consulting partner Trantor will surely beat your expectations in every case.

Adobe Test & Target services are used as an “absolute optimization solution” targeted at marketers that want to easily innovate and select top-performing experiences for their users. Being a specialized Adobe partner Trantor helps you delight your customers with delightful and highly personalized convert that urges them to make a spend. Leverage our AEM Target Integration capabilities to deliver personalized experiences across all your digital touchpoints.

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Key Services

Personalize and optimize user experiences with Adobe Target services by certified Adobe consultants

Key Services

Personalize and optimize user experiences with Adobe Target services by certified Adobe consultants

Get a consultation from highly experienced and certified professionals for ROI oriented personalized Adobe Target services.
Strategy & Implementation
Outline a business goals oriented strategy and diligently implement it for you to deliver top-notch Adobe Target results.
Testing & Reporting
Insightful and in-depth testing throughout your business processes with effective reporting using Adobe Target solutions.
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Complete error-free integration of Adobe Target with Adobe Experience Cloud components and other third-party apps.
Our seasoned consultants help you elevate the complete user experience in real-time by thoroughly optimizing the Target platform.
Support & Maintenance
Uninterrupted and end-to-end support for all the Adobe Target services availed by your business.
Unlock the power of experience cloud with Trantor

The Trantor Edge


Boost ROI with adobe marketing cloud

We are one of the most experienced and proficient Adobe Experience Cloud Partners we make every solution a result-driven one.


A 360 Partnership

We will walk along with you from the initial strategy to flawless execution, ongoing support, and surging business growth.

Proactive Support

We distinctively pay heed to every business, their AAM need & are available throughout the clock for any query or update.

Nimble & Agile

We follow a lean approach to deliver top-notch services and achieve desired results in a time that will delight you.

Insightful & Experienced

We have a dedicated team of certified experts who understand your business goals,& execute them with tech astuteness.

Certified professionals

Our Adobe professionals are extensively experienced in AAM and also keep updating their technology stack every now and then.

Customized Attention

We deliver personalized yet tech-friendly services to businesses and make sure they are equipped with the needs of the growing business.


Prioritize and efficiently manage user experiences with Adobe Target, an intuitive site testing, and optimization tool

Our Adobe Target Capabilities

Prioritize and efficiently manage user experiences with Adobe Target, an intuitive site testing, and optimization tool.

Auto-Allocate Feature

Test and customize at scale and with machine learning and AI-based Target solutions that help you move beyond manual processes and enhance productivity on the whole.


Adobe Targets enables you to split and break codes into modules before implementing them, as well as save and reuse them for multivariate testing

Build User Profiles Automatically

Automatically create detailed and anonymous impressions of visitor interactions, and then further use these interactions to deliver users with relevant content.

In-tool Analytics

Adobe Target, unlike any other analytics applications, has in-tool analytics that is primarily designed to analyze test outcomes and performance

Create Tests Visually

Formulate and orchestrate content tests and targeted campaigns effectively on your site for the visitors to experience without specific configuration owing to the on-site visual interface.

Market-Driven Targeting

Adobe Target allows you to use customized or preset rules, including the ones which are defined the visitor’s location, thereby helping you to target content specific to a targeted location. This helps to narrow down the target audience and increases the chances of conversions.

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What is Adobe Target used for?

Adobe Target is basically an A/B Testing Software. Adobe Target majorly offers the below functionalities:
Landing Pages (Web Forms)
Audience Targeting
Split Testing
Multivariate Testing
Statistical Relevance Analysis

How much does Adobe Target cost?

Every enterprise has different needs, as Adobe Test & Target consulting partners, we offer flexible configuration and licensing options. Different organizations have diverse requirements, so we provide flexible solutions for licensing and setup. Get a variant of Adobe Target which is personalized to suit the organization exactly.

What are the security measures taken to make sure my data is safe?

Being certified Adobe Target Consulting Partners we not only sign an NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) with you but also follow a complete security & compliance procedure to keep all your data secure, available and confidential.

Will your marketers work in my time zone?

Being a global Adobe consulting partner our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally.

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