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Artificial Intelligence

Empower your enterprise to drive efficiency, foster innovation, and deliver unmatched customer experiences with Trantor’s cutting-edge AI solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking Potential: Trantor’s AI Excellence

Embark on a groundbreaking odyssey to unlock your enterprise’s full potential, guided by the expertise of Trantor’s state-of-the-art AI solutions. Our comprehensive suite of AI technologies is meticulously crafted to elevate operational efficiency, nurture a culture of relentless innovation, and elevate the bar for unparalleled customer experiences, while our commitment to sustainability ensures responsible innovation.

Let us pave the way for a brighter, smarter, and more prosperous future, where your business stands as a beacon of excellence in its industry, while our AI solutions continue to adapt, evolve, and lead the charge into the next era of technological advancement.

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Why Trantor for building and evaluating AI Technologies


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Improved Customer Experience


Using personalized recommendation model, created personalized customer experience which led to uplifts of up to 200% compared to manual approaches


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Integrations with generative AI Services


Integrated GCP AutoML with customer platform and manual effort is reduced to 60% which resulted in cost saving of $1.25Mn/year


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Delivering More


Created ML algorithms to handle image processing mechanism which provided 80% accuracy and easily customizable to add other categories to the model.


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Model Validation and Evaluation


Model validation services correct unnoticed or involuntarily caused errors to establish memory enabling advanced accuracy in model predictions.


Trantor AI Services Expertise


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Consulting and Strategy


Understanding business objectives, assess AI readiness and develop customized strategies aligned with their goals.


  • Rapid assessment

  • Use case assessment, AI planning & design

  • Enterprise AI architecture

  • Implementation roadmap

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App Development Services


Build innovative applications with ML models and algorithms which empower a business to enable advanced features and make your business function smarter & faster


  • Recommendation system

  • Chatbot and conversational AI

  • Computer vision for images and videos classifications

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Insights & Engagement


Generate human like insights and recommendations from structured and unstructured data using using science based capabilities


  • Personalize interactions in real time

  • Reduce service costs and scale possibilities

  • Revolutionize AI customer experience

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Intelligent Automation


Leverage intelligent automation technologies to re-imagine business processes, augmenting human labor with an AI enabled digital workforce.


  • Analyze business processes and workflows

  • Identify automation opportunities

  • Develop AI solutions that optimize productivity

Strategic Approach

Improve efficiency and make smarter decisions by using an in-depth roadmap to your machine learning services solutions

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Unlock the Power of AI to Shape and Transform Your Business Outcomes

Industries We have Worked with

Machine Learning is the future, whether it is for E-Commerce, MarTech, FinTech, Automotive, Healthcare, or any other, and Trantor is going to help you develop innovative ML products/solutions. Diverse industry expertise has helped our team to become acquainted with the specific requirements and processes adopted by businesses.

Our Industries Expertise

Diverse industry expertise has helped our team to become acquainted with the specific requirements and processes adopted by businesses.

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resource
  • Electricals
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance

The Trantor Edge


Empower your business with intelligent solutions

Bring your ideas to life using powerful machine learning solutions, developed with vigor by Trantor


Stay Agile

We use an Agile framework in processes, whatever be your ML project we will fit smoothly into your jigsaw puzzle.

Trusted By the Best

Trusted by startups, big enterprises, & governmental organizations alike, we cater to everyone’s needs likewise.

Data Security

Throughout the ML development journey, we make sure your data is secure & follow all the necessary compliant needs.

Transparent Workflow

The core of developing a productive relationship with users is transparency in the complete process of the project.

Fast-track tech pace

We help you to accelerate the overall technology growth to keep up the pace with growing business demands.

No 3rd Parties

Everything is in-house. Our developers, designers, managers, & everything in between is supervised & trained by us.


Continuous technological adoptions & zeal to deliver the best isis reflected in the following Machine learning case studies

  • Case Study

    Leading IT Company envisioned to automate data processing from blueprints for Electrical Engineers

    The client is a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation for their clients, putting digital and data to work to create a competitive...

  • Case Study

    Client Wanted to Upgrade Its Sales Tool with ‘News & Social Feed Aggregation’ Capabilities

    A Saas tool that connects sales and business development professionals to their customers and prospect.

  • Case Study

    Conversational AI Chatbot for a Multinational Bank

    The client is a prestigious multinational bank with an extensive presence worldwide. As a leader in the financial services industry, the bank is committed to offering inclusive banking services to customers across the globe.

  • Blog

    5 Data Science & Machine Learning Career Trends for 2019

    At this point, most of us tech people know we need some data science & machine learning skills in order to survive and thrive. But with so much buzz around these technologies, it is easy to lose track of what’s really important.

  • Blog

    Future of Autonomous Vehicle Technology – Vision Vs Sensors

    Autonomy is quickly becoming the driving force of the automobile industry. Leading autonomous car makers – GM, Waymo, Tesla, Ford, etc. – are all aggressively improving the infrastructure necessary for autonomy.

Related Services


What makes Trantor's AI services stand out from the competition?

Trantor's AI services are distinguished by our extensive experience in creating personalized recommendation models, integrating GCP AutoML for substantial cost savings, and developing advanced ML algorithms for image processing. We bring proven results and expertise to the table.

Can you explain the benefits of personalized recommendation models in more detail?

Personalized recommendation models created by Trantor can uplift customer experiences by up to 200% compared to manual approaches. These models offer tailored suggestions to users, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

How does Trantor integrate GCP AutoML into customer platforms and what are the advantages?

Our seamless integration of GCP AutoML reduces manual efforts by 60%, resulting in cost savings of millions per year. This not only optimizes operational efficiency but also enables businesses to allocate resources more strategically.

Tell us about the ML algorithms for image processing. What sets them apart?

Trantor's ML algorithms for image processing provide 80% accuracy and are easily customizable to include additional categories. This adaptability and precision make them an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline image-related tasks.

What is the significance of model validation services?

Model validation services are instrumental in correcting unnoticed or unintentional errors in AI models. They establish memory, enhancing the accuracy of predictions. This ensures that the AI models consistently deliver reliable results.

What types of AI services does Trantor offer?

Trantor provides a comprehensive range of AI services, including consulting and strategy development, app development with ML models and algorithms, insights and engagement solutions, and intelligent automation to augment business processes.

How can Trantor's consulting and strategy services benefit my business?

Our consulting and strategy services help businesses understand their objectives, assess AI readiness, and develop customized strategies aligned with their goals. This ensures that AI initiatives are aligned with business objectives.

What are some examples of applications that Trantor can develop with ML models and algorithms?

Trantor can develop applications for recommendation systems, chatbots, conversational AI, and computer vision for image and video classifications. These applications enhance user engagement and operational efficiency.

What insights and engagement capabilities does Trantor offer?

Trantor's insights and engagement services leverage science-based capabilities to generate human-like insights and recommendations from structured and unstructured data. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and enhance customer experiences.

How can intelligent automation solutions benefit my business?

Trantor's intelligent automation technologies analyze business processes, identify automation opportunities, and develop AI solutions that optimize productivity. This helps in reducing operational costs and scaling possibilities for your business.

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