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How to Build a Dedicated Remote Team to Scale Your Business

Build Dedicated Remote Team Scale Business

Today, a revolution in remote talent is helping entrepreneurs and small enterprises worldwide. This rebellion is fueled by the fact that scaling with a virtual team is more straightforward and less expensive than growing with an in-house staff. According to statistics on remote employment, 16% of businesses solely employ full-time remote workers, while 18% of people work remotely regularly. Over 4.3 million Americanswork remotely, or about 3 percent of the workforce.

Why Choose Remote Teams?

When discussing how to scale a team, it is critical to consider why they have chosen to operate remotely. CoSo Cloud Survey finds Remote Work beneficial for both employees and employers. 77% of employees think that working remotely increases their productivity.

The practice of remote work has grown in popularity recently among startups and IT professionals. & the worldwide pandemic has dramatically influenced this rise in popularity. Research published in the Harvard Business Review found that remote workers put in nearly a full day more effort each week than their coworkers in the office.

Remote working has several perks. However, it also poses several challenges for enterprises and those in charge of management. Managing a remote workforce has several challenges.

Advantages of Building Remote Teams

Build Dedicated Remote Team Scale Business

Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Building Remote Teams

Build Dedicated Remote Team Scale Business

Here are a few crucial pointers that we’ve discovered to be most beneficial for business owners trying to scale with remote teams:

  • Implement a Successful Hiring Procedure You must be selective in hiring if you want to grow your company. It would be best if you worked to assemble a group of intelligent, influential individuals.Here are some things to keep in mind during the hiring process:
    • Make a list of all open positions and outline the duties associated with each one.
    • Ensure the portion on your job application where candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills is included.
    • Make a list of the questions you wish to ask potential candidates. You may inquire about their prior experience with remote work.
    • Discuss your expectations for your remote employees during the interview process.
  • Rather Than Attendance, Evaluate Performance. While performance evaluation is essential, putting more emphasis on outputs than attendance would yield significantly better results. Although monitoring a team member’s activities at all times when they work remotely is impossible, the outcome can be tracked. Set expectations for deliverables and give your workers the freedom to handle their time however they see fit.
  • Allow Flexible Work Timings Maintaining the traditional nine-to-five workday is challenging for remote teams, especially when some employees are spread out across multiple time zones.Research shows that 73% of workers say flexible work hours boost job satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, flexible work options will likely prevent more than 35% of employees from leaving their current firm.

    Since performance matters more than attendance, let your team members set their calendars.

  • Make a Reliable Core Toolbox for Yourself.Establishing procedures in your business and supporting productivity wherever it occurs need an essential toolbox. A brilliant place to start is with project management and communication tools. The more you utilize these fundamental tools, the more you’ll develop repeatable processes that any team member may use anywhere.
  • Prioritize Effective Communication. When it comes to remote work, effective communication is still another crucial component of efficiency. You must ensure that all your employees are connected because they work from different locations.To maintain effective communication, quick and secure methods are essential. Use video conferencing platforms like Zoom for one-on-one and big team meetings and chat apps like Slack to communicate in real time and asynchronously.

    Ensure your remote personnel has access to all the necessary data, and let them know they may contact you with any problems or inquiries.

  • For Rapid Growth, Document Processes. Teams perform at their best when they understand what to do and why primarily if your team is distributed throughout the country. In actuality, processes aid in establishing a structure that people can depend on. Make reference materials for staff, such as manuals and handbooks, that detail exactly how things are done. This can significantly speed up the expansion of your business by making it simpler to bring on additional employees without confusion or misunderstanding.
Build Dedicated Remote Team Scale Business Lead Magnet

Remote Development Challenges

You may encounter various opportunities and obstacles while considering remote product development. In this section, we’ll discuss difficulties if you collaborate on product development with a remote workforce. So let’s learn about the challenges of working remotely and how to overcome them.

Build Dedicated Remote Team Scale Business

Why Trantor?

Companies are looking for remote partners to help them with their product development needs since remote working has become the new norm.

Trantor is a global pioneer in developing corporate technology solutions for businesses in various industries. Trantor’s Captive Centers of Excellence (CaptiveCoE model) provides engineering-driven, innovative, scalable, and personalized development solutions to disruptive technology firms at all phases of development. Trantor assists firms in developing solutions that are secure, stable, and quick to market by integrating technology competence, decades of experience, and business acumen. We partner with industry leading technology experts to ensure accelerated growth accompanies every solution we develop

Trantor’s CoE teams empower businesses to develop secure, reliable, and efficient solutions to market by integrating technical knowledge, decades of experience, and business acumen. Trantor set up a dedicated Captive CoE for a leading fintech lending company and helped them become one of the fastest-growing fintech in the lending space. Trantor’s experience, adaptability, knowledge, and assistance allowed the business to overgrow. Since 2015, the company has successfully serviced more than $3 billion in loans.

Unlike many, Trantor’s Captive CoE plays a very strategic role in the enterprises that partner with us. Our CaptiveCoE team aligns with your aspirations and priorities to manage the constraints of the ever-evolving complexities and a traditional back-office mindset.

Learn more about how we generate ideas, deploy technology, and offer innovative business solutions, get in touch with our experts now.

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