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Software Testing Services

Empowering every software with unmatched testing


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Software Testing Services

We add value to your tech product with comprehensive, end-to-end software testing services to ensure that it’s secure, trustworthy, and efficient



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Manual Testing Services

Manual testing ensures high-quality performance. Manual testing is the most effective method for user interface and user acceptance testing, error handling testing, installation, and security. Tests are implemented to verify that your software runs smoothly without defects across all platforms.

Manual testing is the most effective method for User Interface and User Acceptance Testing, Error Handling testing, Installation, and Security.

Automated Testing Services

Trantor’s automated regression testing offers test cycles that can be 90 percent faster than what clients have been using when relying solely upon manual testing procedures. We provide end-to-end automation testing services to fast-track customers’ business expansion, reduce business risks, as well as achieve higher reliability and ROI.

We provide end-to-end automation testing services to fast-track users’ business expansion, reduce business risks, as well as achieve higher reliability & ROI.

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Security Testing

This is the rational approach to all security requirements of any enterprise. Trantor adopts the latest industry standards and seamless security testing methodologies to fulfill the safety testing needs of our customers. Our security testing solutions aim to eliminate bugs before deployment of the software solution.

Trantor adopts the latest industry standards and seamless security testing methodologies to fulfill the safety testing needs of our customers.

API Testing

API testing aims to check the compatibility, performance reliability, and security of the programming interfaces while at the same time keeping a watchful eye on compliance issues specific to your industry. We examine and evaluate the transmission and data that flows through your APIs, connecting two or more different software applications.

It checks the compatibility, performance reliability, & security of the programming interfaces while keeping an eye on compliance issues specific to your industry.

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Full Life Cycle Testing

We blend the experience, technological skills to deliver smooth and cost-effective end-to-end testing solutions. At each phase of software development, we provide quick, easy, and value-driven testing services: from specifications testing at the software designing phase to final testing at the launch and deployment phase.

We blend the experience, technological skills to deliver smooth and cost-effectively end-to-end testing solutions.


Strengthen your business with a bug-free software

Software Testing Process

Our agile testing approach to quality has helped thousands of successful QA projects. We’re confident we can help you, too

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The Trantor Edge


Robust and reliable software testing

Transform your QA services and testing process with Trantor’s best in the class software testing services and tools.




We pay close consideration to the security & privacy of user data storage and intellectual property.

You’re in Control

With our custom testing tools & services, you hold complete control with our adaptable services model.


We adhere to the concept of utmost compliance & complete transparency throughout the complete process.

Scalable Solutions

Augment your in-house operations, with dedicated QA resources who work as per your requirements & needs.


Get smooth softwares by engaging our world-class testing team of experienced QA engineers & testers.

Cost Savings

Work with us to avoid costly mistakes, we don't let hiccups in your app hamper the development process.

Expertly Matched Talent

Take your business to a new level with our efficient and experienced software testing team.


Team Lead

Prepare testing strategy, budget & manage every aspect of the testing process.

Lead Tester

Test the complete software using appropriate techniques & tools.

Delivery Head

Responsible for delivering the complete product, including testing & QA services.

Project Manager

Identify, plan, coordinate, and control the working of the whole project.

Industries We have Worked with

Being a global software testing company, we have worked with a large panorama of industries when it comes to software testing. Our enthusiastic and experienced QA specialists have helped endless software to go bug-free and deliver seamless solutions to their end-users. From retail to finance, healthcare to travel we have covered all of them.


Our Industries Expertise

Our experienced QA specialists have helped endless softwares to go bug-free & deliver a seamless experience to their end-users.

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance


Software testing has been a service we are proficient at. Browse through a few of our best software testing case studies


  • Case Study

    Improved Mobile App Response Time by 45% for a US Public Services Organization

    The client wanted a testing platform for their mobile app that could improve testing accuracy, while reducing time and cost. The app was to be compatible with all leading devices and Operating Systems.

  • Case Study

    Trantor Offers Next-Gen Managed Quality Services to a Leading Online Retail Company

    The client wanted to augment its IT team in order to handle the short release cycles and rapid turnaround of site functionality. A lot of time and effort was being spent on troubleshooting production issues.

  • Case Study

    Test Data Management & Data Protection Services for Leading Alternative Capital Provider in the United States

    The client needed an efficient process to provide data for functional testing, performance optimization, and other in-house teams. They wanted to create multiple...

  • Case Study

    Automation Enables a Leading US Lending Company to Reduce Test Execution Time by 75%

    The client had huge amount of customer data, and hence an ever growing number (1000+) of manual tests cases in their EIS application.

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Why does the software need to be tested?

Any software application needs to be tested because the process of development does not guarantee bug-free software. Whether your software is defect-free or not can only be made sure after it’s thoroughly tested by an efficient software testing team. Testing not only helps to detect and report bugs but also measures the product's quality, thereby helping in a speedy and bug-free product release.

Are you able to work per scrum methodology?

Yes. One of the significant benefits of getting your QA done from an experienced software testing services company like ours is our ability to integrate the testing strategy on the go in the methodology that suits you best.

Do you guarantee 100% bug-free software with no issues after the release?

As a global software testing company, we ensure the highest standard of software testing is performed, the results are analyzed, and suggestions are provided to enhance the software. Bug-free software is a myth. Just because the number of scenarios is immense, and software testing is not a workaround to counter their infinite combination. Our extensive software testing process can easily identify the bugs but the developers must fix the changes.

What is the difference between black-box testing & white box testing?

QA testing services can be divided into two categories:

White-box testing is a technique of testing which tests the system's internal functionality. Testing is focused on the analysis of code expressions, sections, paths, or conditions throughout this process. Low-level testing is known to be White-Box testing. The approach of white-box testing implies that the course of the concept is known in a system or program.
A tester does not have any knowledge about the internal workings of the program framework in Black-box testing. Black box testing is a high level of testing that focuses on the software's behavior. Testing from an external or end-user context is involved. Black box testing can work best for virtually all levels of software testing; integration, unit, acceptance, and system. 

What is regression testing?

Regression testing is a quality assurance procedure wherein bugs detected during a prior quality control analysis are "regressed" to make sure that the developers have rectified the bug and as a result of which no new bugs have been produced in the software.

Do you provide post-development quality assurance & maintenance?

Yes, we do provide post-launch or development QA and support. This majorly includes bug-tracking and fixing.

Can you fix the bug detected in the testing process?

Yes, being a leading software quality assurance company, we can surely rectify and free your software from the enlisted bugs.

Will your developers work in my time zone?

Being a global company our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally.

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